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Electric log splitter

Why should you use an electric log splitter

The Best log splitters are perhaps the Electric log splitter. There are a number of reasons to prove that this is true. These are better than a Hydraulic log splitter and are more efficient, effective as well as less labor intensive as a manual log splitter.

The reasons why these log splitters should be preferred are :

  • a)     There are various options and models which you can choose from. There are different speeds and there are those that are specially geared even for small splitting jobs.


  • b)    These are a better option for the environment as the gas log splitters produce carbon monoxide as well as nitrous oxide and other kind of hydrocarbons which harm the environment and lead ultimately to acid rain and smog.
  • c)     When you do log splitting using these electric splitters, you do not have to worry about messy spills which are dangerous as well due to the flammable nature.


  • d)    There are no more changes in oil which are needed and no changing of the oil filters or even the spark plug replacements which need to be undertaken. Maintenance is very easy with these electric ones.
  • e)     These are also less noisy and so damage to the ears is reduced.

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