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What do you know about the power sourcing for log splitters

Based on the kind of log splitting which needs to be accomplished, the Best log splitters are characterized into commercial as well as residential or home use log splitters. There is a further categorization of the log splitter based on the power source. There are either electric motors which power the log splitter or else it can be powered by gasoline or even a diesel engine. Sometimes it is powered with a tractor as well.

1However, whatever be the source of power, the log splitter always has a hydraulic piston which drives this log through the blade. The blade could be a stationary blade or else it could be a rotating cone shaped screw which allows the log to be pulled up over the wedge. There are different models of these log splitters of each of the kinds of Electric log splitter as well as the Hydraulic log splitter.

The difference is mainly that if the log splitters are not powered by electricity then they can be cut and split even in remote locations and then the logs that are split can be loaded into bulk bags, trailers or trucks.

The log splitters even have certain attachments which prevent these logs from falling to the ground and therefore, the operator is allowed to reposition the logs quickly so that it can be passed easily on the log splitter for the second pass.


There are different kinds of splitters and the screw or the cone splitters usually are mounted on steel platforms and they have a 3 point linkage which they are mounted on and so the log can be split into smaller and smaller pieces repeatedly without having to remove and put the wood back again.

These log splitters are getting more popular as the prices of gas and oil for heating is rising and at the same time wood stoves are getting more efficient and economical.

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